Crafting spirits with the same amount of love and care we have for the Florida Keys.
We want to put “The Spirit of the Keys”  in every one of our bottles so that
everyone can 
enjoy a little bit of the Florida Keys with every drink.

For more than 30 years Captain Johnny and his family split their time between living in the Philadelphia area and fishing in the Florida Keys.  Despite the amount of travel it took to get here, Johnny was always drawn to the beautiful waters of the keys.  When traveling on his own and fishing all day it was his tradition to send his wife a picture of the sunset.  She would often ask “How are you still awake?” and he’d reply “I’m all Key’d Up!”  There was something about the waters of the Keys that gave him renewed energy.  In 2017 Johnny decided to move his family to the Keys full time to pursue his dream of starting a liquor company that embodied everything he loved about the island chain.  Shortly after delivering his first truckload of Key’d Up Spirits® his health deteriorated and he was unable to continue.  Although he is dearly missed, his spirit and passion for the place he loved lives on in each bottle of Key’d Up®.


Denise and I met in 1996 and I quickly introduced her to the Florida Keys.  We purchased a 36′ Sport Fish Express that we could live on and docked it at Robbies in Islamorada. Through the years we would come down from PA as much as possible to vacation on the prettiest blue waters during the day and under the brightest stars at night.  After visiting Lorelei Cabana Bar and I said “If I ever had another daughter I would like to name her Lorelei.”  Seven years later our Lorelei was born.